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The multimedia website, dailytoreador.com, operates under the direction of The Daily Toreador made up entirely of Texas Tech students. A Media adviser oversees the activities; however, programming is handled entirely by the student staff.

Dailytoreador.com provides students of Texas Tech an enhanced digital media experience that will give students learning opportunities in online broadcasting, video reporting and editing, slideshows, blogging and website content management. The goal is that students will receive experience to launch them in professions in the areas of multimedia.

student using a video recorder 

Getting the word out to dailytoreador.com audience

Texas Tech's student-run Digital Media Web site is viewed by students, alumni, parents and the local community. To promote your business, department or organization on dailytoreador.com and/or social media, contact The DT advertising office at 806-742-3384 or view The Daily Toreador advertising media kit at www.dailytoreador.com

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Room 182, Media & Communication Rotunda
806-742-2434 (fax)


Toreador Media

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