Texas Tech University

Pulse Power and Power Electronics (P3E)


Center for Pulsed Power & Power Electronics Laboratory

The Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics carries out cutting edge research and development in pulsed power and power electronics. It also provides a critically needed supply of highly trained graduates as well as advice and unique research facilities for industry and government. The Center is the leading university laboratory in its field of research in the United States and internationally recognized as one of the leading research laboratories in this field in the world.

Current research projects include Explosive pulsed power, electrical breakdown, and flashover physics and modeling, switching, high power RF and microwave source development, power electronics, renewable power generation and integration, microgrid control and operations, and smart grid data analytics.

Faculty members in Pulse Power and Power Electronics (P3E):

  • Bayne, Stephen
  • Dickens, James
  • Giesselmann, Michael
  • He, Miao
  • Joshi, Ravindra
  • Mankowski, John
  • Neuber, Andreas

Electrical & Computer Engineering

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