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A degree in Communication Studies has never been more valuable and marketable than in the global, networked world of the 21st century. Through a dynamic and diverse curriculum that spans interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational communication as well as rhetoric and public affairs, students develop communication skills aimed at enhancing their personal, professional, and public lives.

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Texas Tech's two-time national award winning Parliamentary Debate Team gives students an opportunity build communication skills by matching wits with students from across the country.

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Debate Team

Texas Tech University is home to one of the most successful debate programs in the country. TTU Forensics is one of the oldest programs on campus, and has established a legacy of excellence that mirrors the lofty goals and expectations the University has set for itself. The debate program has produced three national championships in the past decade: Two NPDA National Championships (2008 and 2010) and an NPTE top-speaker (2010). The program has placed numerous teams in top 5 finishes at nationals and is generally regarded as a year-in, year-out powerhouse. Check out the Debate Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a degree in Communication Studies?

The short answer is pretty much anything you want. Our majors are remarkably creative and entrepreneurial and, in fact, many start their own businesses. Because Communication Studies stresses skills that are crucial to virtually all fields—skills such as effective speaking, writing, relationship-building, and critical thinking—our majors are extraordinarily successful at landing jobs across an array of industries, including business, finance, marketing, public relations, broadcasting, health, art, education, nonprofits, and a host of others. So, rather than asking what can you do with a degree in Communication Studies, the more pertinent question is: how will you successfully negotiate the new information landscape of the 21st century without a degree in Communication Studies?

Is Communication Studies just about public speaking?

No. While effective oral communication skills in public is one important dimension of what we do, a degree in Communication Studies will enhance your communication skills in all aspects of your life: personal, professional, and public. Students learn how to communicate more effectively in romantic, relational, familial, and other interpersonal contexts, as well as how to communicate more effectively in small groups and organizations. We are committed to creating well-rounded individuals who are happy and healthy in all aspects of their lives. A degree in Communication Studies equips you to live well.

Does Communication Studies deal with communication disorders?

No. We are not a department of communication disorders and we do not offer classes related to speech impairments or difficulties with auditory processing.

The personal. The professional. The public.

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We'd love to talk to you about our communications studies program! Use the form below to contact our Interim Department Chair Mark Gring.

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