Texas Tech University

Spanish Placement Exam

CMLL, working with the Office of the Registrar and Information Technology, has introduced an optional online Spanish placement exam to more accurately place students into Spanish courses appropriate to students' skill levels in that language. This Spanish placement test does not award credit. It is for PLACEMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

Students who have taken at least two years of high school Spanish or who are heritage speakers of Spanish have the option to take the placement test before registering for Spanish.

Students who are not in the above categories and/or interested in minoring, majoring, or double majoring in Spanish should contact CMLL Advisor Stephanie Santos instead of taking this placement exam for assistance and/or information.

The Spanish placement exam can be taken by clicking on either of these links:

(Be sure to use Chrome or Firefox)

Important Notes

  • The CLEP test (for placement and credit) will continue to be available through Academic Testing Services.
  • SPAN 2303 and 2304 are reserved for heritage speakers of Spanish.
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